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Graduation Yard Greeting Rental

Graduation Yard Greeting guaranteed 9 am until midnight.

**IMPORTANT** Due to the large number of orders received at graduation time, we only have select dates available.

Each package will include…

*Stars and/or balloons in requested colors or school colors

**Grad graphics

***Special Interest graphics (where available)

All our yard greetings are customized with personally matched graphics based on the information provided in this form.

Each design is UNIQUE, however if you see a graphic that you MUST have, please reference it and we will do our very best to make sure it is included in the design. (based on availability)


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Is there any special event, party or parade times that we need to be aware of?

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Yard placement and Type * 

Which yard would you like the sign greeting set up on?

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Optional Extra’s


1 Additional Day

Would you like to rent the yard greeting 1 additional day?

School Logo Graphic or Abbreviation

Would you like to show more school PRIDE or add more SPIRIT into the design? Select your school below

Mega Numbers : 22 (4ft x 3ft)

Want to make their Graduation sign even BIGGER, how about we add a few EXTRA MEGA NUMBERS into the design?

Light Up 3D Graduation Cap

Would you like to rent the Light Up 3D Graduation Cap?

Special Interest graphics: Baseball, Dance, Happy Birthday w/age etc ($5/ea)

Please list ONLY 1 hobby or interest per field (max 20 char). If we don’t have a matching graphic available you will NOT be invoiced for the missing graphic(s).

Night Lights

Would you like to add “Night Lights” to your yard greeting?

Tip for Installer

Would you like to reward your yard greeting installer? Please consider giving them a tip.

*****Special Yard Maintenance Required for Graduation Yard Greetings****

PLEASE WATER YOUR YARD 💦💦For the best-looking greeting possible, we ask you to please water your YARD daily in the week leading up to delivery.
May = hot, dry yards.
**Test the ground for ease of install with a 6″ screwdriver: if it easily inserts all the way, then the stakes will go in the ground.
If the ground is so rock hard that we can’t install your greeting, we CANNOT issue a refund. Please water the yard.
There must be a prior agreement of where the greeting will be placed BEFORE we arrive.
Be sure that specific area is receiving the watering.
If no agreement has been discussed, then we will place the greeting in a place most suitable to the home & landscape and the greatest ease of install.
**SCOOP THE POOP! We will not set up in a yard that has dog poop in area for sign set up. No refunds will be given.
*Lawn care MUST BE COMPLETED THE DAY BEFORE we install the greeting.

Rush * 

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“Promo pictures” are just that, PROMO PICTURES. Each package includes graduation graphics, year, stars, and fillers. “Signs will be similar to but not actually as pictured.”

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Sign Gypsies Northern Tucson Graduation Yard Greeting Rental

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